Having traveled a lot in the last few weeks it was nice to finally be in one place for more then a week. Spending time with family has been refreshing and very nice. We spent a couple hours in Indy and then proceed to drive overnight to Philly and arrived nice and early just in … Continue reading

Goal: 100% fully developed partnership team by End of March, 2013

We have reached another new milestone in our financial partnerships! We are planning to leave May 5th for Southeast Asia and need to have 100% of our budget pledged by the end of March. We have reached that Goal! God is good. What are we doing now until May 5th? Visa applications, buying plane tickets, … Continue reading

Language Faux Pa

A little while ago I was on Skype with a deaf man from Uganda and we were trying to communicate with sign language. I know a little American Sign Language and he knows a smattering of different languages having worked with several different teams from countries all over Africa. I assumed we would have some … Continue reading