Having traveled a lot in the last few weeks it was nice to finally be in one place for more then a week. Spending time with family has been refreshing and very nice. We spent a couple hours in Indy and then proceed to drive overnight to Philly and arrived nice and early just in time to see their oldest sent to school on the bus. So we played with them for several days and Jude learned to ride a bike (sort of) but they had a nice yard the kids could play in. Maybe now that we don’t have dogs I can turn our backyard into a kid safe zone!


They played hard and slept even harder!


It is hard to complain when you are sitting outside in 70 degree weather with no cars or people in sight except for family. Our children really enjoyed getting the tour of the farm including sitting on the tractors.


The sounds of the cow mooing and the birds chirping was relaxing and enjoyable. Even though our city kids were not sure quite how to handle the cow mooing at them when they were with Grandma, they still have loved the farm and all the cousins to play with!

Our time in PA hasn’t just been relaxing though. We have been busy, us adults got sick and were out for about 3 days as well as going to meetings with friends and meeting new friends. We have several new prayer partners, had some really good conversations with some of our core prayer partners and have seen an amazing leap in our financial partnership. We arrived in PA with about 16% of our financial budget pledged and currently have 50.3% of our budget pledged! God is so good. In 3 weeks we have seen an amazing increase in our budget and pray and hope that this process continues to go well so that we can be able to leave in January, 2013 for southeast Asia.

We now are getting ready to go to NYC tomorrow to speak at a church in Mt. Vernon and then will be going back home early next week! Pray for safe travels and continued favor as we finish up our time here on the east coast.


Goal: 100% fully developed partnership team by End of March, 2013

Partnership development picture

We have reached another new milestone in our financial partnerships!

We are planning to leave May 5th for Southeast Asia and need to have 100% of our budget pledged by the end of March.

We have reached that Goal! God is good.

What are we doing now until May 5th? Visa applications, buying plane tickets, packing up our house, selling most of our furniture and donating things, preparing our kids for changes, painting and fixing our house to rent out, packing everything we need to take with us, staying with grandma for 1.5 weeks before we leave, saying goodbye to all our friends who want one last chance to see us, making sure all our financial matters are in place. LOTS to do!

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Updated: 10/8/12