Our Journey

Our journey basically began in 2009.

We went to a summer of linguistics training in order to be able to join Wycliffe bible Translators. At the beginning of the summer we were expecting to be working with spoken languages in a rural village, possibly Indonesia or other remote areas. As we went to our classes Rachel started learning Paraguayan Sign Language for a language learning class and we found out that there are over 230 sign languages in the world. This fascinated us and we started down a path of learning more about the linguistic aspects of sign languages. We were amazed to find out that sign languages have very little connection to the spoken languages in the same region. This makes understanding the written language extremely difficult for many deaf. 

We started hanging out with the deaf students during lunch and after classes and realized they were learning to translate the bible in order to produce video bibles for their communities back home instead of making the deaf read the bible in a language they had never heard or spoken. God changed our hearts that summer in 2009 and we realized that there was an amazing opportunity to help share the transforming power of the Gospel because there currently are no completed Bibles available in any sign language of the world.

We were convicted to take the gospel to the deaf that have never seen God’s word.

I invite you to see the Word that speaks to the hearts of the Deaf in some of the countries in Africa and in India: http://deafbibles.com/

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