Happy New Year!

2012 truly has been an exciting year for us. Last year at this time, we never expected to be moving to our life-long goal of full-time cross cultural work. The Lord loves to surprise us with good things! Working towards living in southeast Asia now for 6 months has been an awesome experience. We have had great opportunities to share about the people around the world that need the Word and to enjoy family and friends and meet lots of new people.

We have seen a ton of changes in our lives and in the lives of our kids. Our youngest has gone from being very shy to outgoing and playful. Our oldest is now potty trained and has started to ask “but, why?” many times during conversations. Rachel and I have a new work schedule and have traveled to 10 states in the last 6 months! We are however excited to be in St. Louis for an extended time before we do any more traveling.

2013 will be an even more exciting and challenging year. We will be packing, and getting our house ready to rent out, as well as moving to southeast Asia – where we will start to learn two languages and cultures.


We are excited, and I know you are excited for us! You have all been encouraging us on this journey. We ask for your continued prayers and encouragement as we press on in the midst of these many challenges and joys.


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