A Child’s Perspective

What Immanuel says we are doing and are not doing


When we talk to the boys about the move to Asia, we have been trying to talk about concrete things so that they will understand. Many of you have heard that this led to Immanuel thinking we were moving to a zoo. (We had talked a lot about elephants.) On our recent trip to Pennsylvania, we found another potentially messy misunderstanding in a conversation between Immanuel and his grandpa.

Iman: A big airplane

Grandpa: How long do you stay on the airplane?

Iman: Um, a very long time.

Grandpa: Do you sleep on the airplane?

Iman: No, we just….

Grandpa: Do you eat on the airplane?

Iman: Yeah

Grandpa: Do you go potty on the airplane?

Iman: Nope!

Grandpa: OOPS!

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