Guest Post: Not Exactly Bible Trivia

Creating a VISUAL Bible through a visual language and including hand-drawn pictures is inherent with it’s own unique challenges! There are many things in the Bible we can read without putting much thought into what it looked like, but for a Sign Language Bible, that is not an option!


Here’s a taste of the questions I get asked during an average workday here at DOOR…

What was the Ark of the Covenant made of?
What were the items kept in the Ark of the Covenant?
How do you draw Leah with weak eyes?
How do you draw the concept of forgiveness?
What did Miriam’s leprosy look like?
What is the meaning of Daniel’s dream in Daniel 4?
Are the Wilderness of Sin & the Wilderness of Zin the same place?
What did manna look like?
How did it spoil in only a day?
How much would one measure of manna have weighed?
What is “curd”?
What is the significance of the ram’s horn in 1 Sam. 16:1?
What did the Israelites carry Joseph’s bones in when they left Egypt?
Did Moses really carry Joseph’s bones himself or did others help?
Were the tax collector’s tables that Jesus overturned in the temple made of wood or metal? (Because it matters how you sign it — and there is no generic word for “table” without saying “wood-table” or “metal-table” in one of the sign languages we’re working with).

And did you know…
There is no garden named Eden in the Bible? Eden was the name of the place where the garden was planted, not the name of the garden itself.
Eve is not named until after the fall.
There’s no account in Scripture of Adam ever being “named.”
Man is the first thing God makes without simply speaking it into existence.
That the Hebrew word for Eve’s pain in childbirth and Adam’s pain in tilling the soil (Genesis 3:15-17) is the same word!?


– From colleague working with Deaf in east Africa


Feel free to answer any of these questions if you know the answer!

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