About Us

My wife and I are entering a new stage of our lives. This year we are being propelled into an exciting new lesson on trust and faith in God. I have been a proud stay-at-home dad for 3 years and we decided this year that Rachel would quit and I would look for a new job. God provided that new job and evidently getting ready for a move to southeast Asia in early 2013 is our new life and our new job.

We have two adorable little toddlers; Immanuel and Jude, 3 and 2 years old respectively. They are a joy in our life and we are so grateful for the blessing that they are to us.   Our lives have been greatly blessed and we have had great opportunities to do the things we love. Some of the most wonderful experiences we have had our raising our children, traveling to many different countries,and loving on people in our local community through home groups and developing life-long relationships.

However almost everything is going to change. Maybe everything!

We have been invited to help with translation projects in southeast Asia and will be trained as translation consultants while we are on the field. We have accepted this assignment and plan to move to Southeast Asia in January. More specifically we will be working with sign languages and developing tools and resources for the deaf to be trained as translators and linguists for their own language and community.

What are we doing now?

Currently we are developing a partnership team that see the vision we are excited about and want to help us fulfill that vision. You can read more about that on our page entitled “sign language vision.” We will be traveling and talking with people for the next season inviting partners to our team: people who want God to speak to all people in the language they are most familiar with and may not have the time or ability to leave their home but can send someone else.

We can not do this without people to encourage us, pray with us and for us, continue relationship during the seasons of great change we will go through, provide finances and random blessings, send us chocolate and gifts we have left behind, and Skype with us so we can connect with what is going on in the lives of our friends, family, and community in the states.

Where will we be going?

First we will be traveling in the USA to many places: Florida, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and other places as well. We will then be moving sometime in early 2013 to southeast Asia and will live there until we are trained and can accept a new assignment, which may mean staying there or possibly going somewhere else that is in great need.

Practically speaking we will live the rest of our foreseeable future overseas!

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